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Clinical Genetics

Winthrop Pediatric Associates’ Genetics Division is one of the leading genetics service providers in Long Island, NY. Our staff currently comprises of two clinical geneticists and three genetic counselors. With expertise in prenatal, cancer, pediatric and adult genetics, Winthrop Pediatric Associates’ genetic professionals are able to provide evaluation, risk assessment and testing for a comprehensive range of patients.

Genetic counseling
Genetic counseling is the process of providing information, risk assessment and support to individuals who have, or are at risk of having, a genetic disorder. Here at Winthrop Pediatric Associates, genetic counseling is provided by specially trained healthcare professionals called Genetic Counselors.

The Genetics Division at Winthrop Pediatric Associates offers:

Prenatal Genetic Counseling
This program focuses on helping couples planning the pregnancy or women, who are already pregnant, to identify and understand their risks such as maternal age, family history, exposure during the pregnancy. Genetic counselors evaluate individual risks of having children with inherited genetic disorders or birth defects, as well as sporadic chromosome abnormalities like Down syndrome. Genetic counseling is provided to help discuss carrier and prenatal testing, interpret test results, and discuss possible outcomes for future pregnancies.

Pediatric and Adult Genetic Assessment
This program offers physical evaluations by the physician, counseling and management for patients with specific hereditary disorders. Specialized patient care, testing recommendations and referrals are provided to meet the needs of children and adults, who either have a known inherited disorder or a suspected genetic diagnosis. The staff assists with obtaining insurance pre-authorization, if required for specialized genetic analysis.

Cancer Risk Assessment
This program provides pre- and post-test genetic counseling to patients and their relatives with a personal history of cancer and or family history suggestive of hereditary cancer syndromes including breast, ovarian, colon cancers. Our genetic counselors help patients with calculating their personal risk, reviewing their family history, finding information resources, support groups and coordinating appropriate genetic testing.

Hereditary Cardiovascular Genetics
This program is designed to educate and guide patients with a personal and/or family history of cardiovascular diseases. These include congenital defects and diseases of the heart such as cardiomyopathy, ventricular hypertrophy or arrhythmias as well as heart disorders caused by genetic syndromes. Possible hereditary risks for relatives, screening and prevention recommendations and available genetic tests are discussed.

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Winthrop Pediatric Associates proudly serves Nassau & Suffolk counties in Long Island, New York, and the entire NY-Metropolitan area.


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