Change Program

The CHANGE Program offers overweight teens ages 13-18 a foundation for a healthy lifestyle through exercise, nutrition & behavioral modifications.

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment for Nutrition Growth & Exercise
  • Fitness evaluations
  • Nutrition consultations
  • 12 week gym membership at Adelphi University‚Äôs state of the art facility
  • Personal exercise prescriptions

The CHANGE Program is a comprehensive 12 week lifestyle change program designed for teens. It guides teens and their families in making changes in exercise, diet, lifestyle and attitudes, which promote changes in weight in both short and long-term. Teens are given the opportunity to exercise in a private state of the art gym and each teen will have his/her own exercise prescription based on his/her individual fitness. Each teen will be supervised by experienced Exercise Physiologists at all times.

Each week the teen will attend 2 one hour group sessions at Adelphi University where he/she will be guided through different exercise routines.

For more information and to make appointments for the program please call:

Laura Pokorny, 516-663-9626.

The Team

  • Board-certified Cardiologists and Gastroenterologists
  • Certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionists
  • Clinical Exercise Physiologists

Step by Step Guide to Participate – CHANGE Program

  1. Make appointment for a full medical examination, an appointment with one of our Pediatric Cardiologist and our Exercise Physiologist for a fitness evaluation by calling 516-663-9626. We will try to make all three appointments on the same day. These visits will be submitted to your insurance carrier. Therefore, if you require a referral please make sure that it is in place from your primary doctor.
  2. Registration for the program is $200, which includes a 12 week gym membership to Adelphi University and 2 group counseling sessions. The total program will be separated into two payments. One will be made for $150 to Adelphi University and the other for $50 to Winthrop Pediatrics Associates.
  3. Call Adelphi University, 516-877-4279, to make an appointment for an orientation and body composition and fitness assessment before the start of the program. The body composition and fitness assessment will be repeated at the end of the program.
  4. Attend weekly sessions at Adelphi University every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 4:30pm until 5:30pm for 12 weeks.
  5. Call 516-663-9626 to make an initial nutrition visit and follow up visit for the Nutritionist. Your insurance may or may not cover nutrition visits. Therefore, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier. Group sessions are not covered.
  6. Make an appointment 2 to 3 weeks after program completion for a follow up with the Exercise Physiologist for a new fitness assessment.