Down Syndrome Program


The Winthrop Down Syndrome Program (WDSP) provides compassionate, comprehensive and coordinated care for children with Down syndrome. The criterion for the program is for children ages 0-19 years.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of Dr. Jorge Mejia-Corletto, Pediatric Endocrinologist; Colleen Farley-Cornell, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; and our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Danielle Alessio. Dr. Asif Noor, Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease, serves as the medical coordinator for the program.

The uniqueness of the program is that the patient is able to see these specialists during the initial visit here at the Research and Academic Center of Winthrop-University Hospital. The objective of the visit is to identify the age specific needs and address medical issues using a group approach. The team meets pre and post visit regarding each patient and the summary of the visit is sent to the patient’s physician. In addition, we coordinate care with other pediatric specialists who use state of the art resources available at Winthrop. A referral and follow up appointment sheet is completed for the patient’s family to make certain the patient receives the recommended services as per the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines.

Following the assessment visit, the program coordinator, Lori Benzoni, works with the family to set up recommended follow up visits with Winthrop specialists. For more information about our WDSP program or our other Pediatric special needs program, the STAR Program (for children on the autism spectrum and/or with Down Syndrome), please call Lori Benzoni at 516-663-2112 or email

Our goals for the future are to expand this program to the adult population (18 years and older).