Clinical Genetics

Abigail-Weinberg,GeneticCounselor wPatientThe Genetics Division at Winthrop-University Hospital is located within the department of Winthrop Pediatric Associates. Our staff includes two board certified clinical geneticists and three board certified or board eligible genetic counselors. With expertise in prenatal, cancer, pediatric and adult genetics, the genetics professionals are able to provide evaluation, risk assessment and testing for a range of genetic conditions.

The following services are available in the Genetics Division of Winthrop-University Hospital:

• Prenatal Genetic Counseling and Screening
• Pediatric Assessment and Testing for Genetic Conditions
• Adult Assessment and Testing for Genetic Conditions
• Hereditary Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
• Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

Scheduling appointments

Appointments can be made by calling our medical secretary, at 516-663-2657.

We know that situations arise that can make it difficult to keep your appointment. If you find that you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please call us 48 hours in advance.

Prenatal Genetic Counseling is focused on couples who are planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant, to review the likelihood of having a child with a genetic condition or birth defect. Genetic counselors discuss available prenatal testing, test results, and possible outcomes for future pregnancies. The genetic counselor collaborates with Maternal Fetal Medicine, Neonatology and other departments.

Cancer Risk Assessment provides pre- and post-test counseling to individuals with a personal or family history suggestive of an inherited cancer syndrome. The genetic counselor will review personal and family medical history, calculate the likelihood of an inherited condition, discuss early detection and prevention, coordinate appropriate genetic testing, and provide referral to support groups. Most cancer is not inherited, but if a family has multiple affected members, genetic assessment and testing may help clarify who is at increased risk. The genetic counselor works closely with other departments to provide cancer risk assessment and recommendations for risk reduction.

Hereditary Cardiovascular Genetics is designed to educate and guide patients with a personal and/or family history of cardiovascular diseases, including cardiomyopathy and ventricular hypertrophy or arrhythmias, and structural heart defects caused by a genetic syndrome. Possible hereditary risks, screening and prevention recommendations, and available genetic testing is discussed.

Pediatric and Adult Genetic Assessment involves a physical evaluation by a physician specializing in medical genetics, with appropriate testing, counseling and management for genetic disorders. Specialized patient care, testing recommendations, and referrals, are provided to meet the needs of children and adults, who have a known or suspected genetic disorder. The staff assists with obtaining insurance pre-authorization, if required, for specialized genetic testing. We have a significant population of individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome and Down syndrome.