Genetics FAQs

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A geneticist is a medical doctor who specializes in medical genetics. They are licensed practitioners, who are trained to identify genetic syndromes, perform physical exams, order appropriate testing and offer medical management strategies to patients.

 A genetic counselor is an individual with a master’s degree in human genetics and counseling. They specialize in providing education to patients about the cause of genetic disorders, identifying risk factors in the personal and family medical history, and providing emotional support in the face of a possible genetic diagnosis. They work closely with medical geneticists to coordinate and make sure that patients receive the best care possible.

Sessions typically last from 45 to 90 minutes. Your appointment duration depends on the reason for the appointment, the complexity of the family history, and the type of testing indicated.

Find out as much as you can about your relatives and their medical conditions. Did anyone have developmental delays, intellectual or mental disabilities, or genetic conditions? Was anyone born with a birth defect?  Did anyone have cancer or heart disease?  What type? If you or your relatives have had genetic testing in the past, please try to bring copies of the results.

The family history review will include asking about the following:

What conditions are in your family?
Who is affected?
At what age were they diagnosed?
Did they have any testing?
What kind of treatment did they receive?

All insurance companies and plans are different. The visit will be billed separately from any testing performed. The coverage and pricing of tests cannot be determined before your visit. Feel free to contact our office regarding information about the possible cost of the visit. In the event that your insurance does not cover the visit or the tests, you may be charged for those services rendered. The staff assists with obtaining insurance pre-authorization, if required, for specialized genetic testing.