Programs and Services

The Pediatric Diabetes Center at Winthrop Pediatric Associates is committed to providing quality and caring treatment to children, adolescents and young adults with diabetes. The clinical and educational staff address the needs not only of the patient, but of their family and the community. Care is individualized to suit each child or teen’s lifestyle and to empower the individual and their family to participate fully and effectively in treatment and lifestyle decisions.

The goal of the caring experts at the Center is to help young people achieve and maintain optimal blood glucose control and minimize or prevent complications.

Research in the field of diabetes is essential for the promotion of health and the search for the cure. The Pediatric Diabetes Center at Winthrop Pediatric Associates is actively involved in national and local research protocols designed to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Research is focused to 3 areas:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Basic Science

The pediatric science team at Winthrop Pediatric Associates is working hard to find the best way to treat children and families with diabetes, how to develop lifestyles to prevent the onset of diabetes; and conducting basic research into the causes of this condition.

Diabetes Education

Our nationally recognized Pediatric Diabetes Program has numerous certified diabetes educators who are certified insulin pump specialists. These educators are specialists in the care of toddlers, children, adolescents and young adults who have diabetes.

Nutrition Service

Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) are Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) who will help your family by assessing your child’s individual nutritional needs and creating a comprehensive customized plan. They will use a combination of diet, exercise, glucose monitoring and medication to keep your child’s diabetes under better control. Our Registered Dietitians are specialist in pediatric diabetes nutrition and will provide professional nutritional counseling ensuring that your family receives evidence based guidance for lifetime success. Our Registered Dietitians provide nutritional counseling services for type 1 and 2 diabetes, prediabetes, weight management, high cholesterol, celiac disease, PCOS, hyperinsulinism, digestive disorders, high blood pressure as well as other conditions.

Nutrition Services Offered

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Individual meal plans
  • Advanced carbohydrate counting
  • Goal-setting (short-term and long-term) to improve your health and quality of life
  • Instruction on promoting good nutrition and healthy lifestyle
  • Learn about healthy food choices and benefits on balanced meals
  • Design healthy ideas that are tasty and work within your individual plan
  • Understand how the body processes food nutrients
  • Monitor your nutritional parameters (albumin, hemoglobin, A1C, cholesterol)
  • Make recommendations to your physician and team on nutrition, changes, labs, or supplements
  • Weight Management Specialists

For more information regarding nutrition, please visit the Nutrition Services page

Social Worker

Our licensed certified social workers are committed to assisting children, teens and young adults with diabetes and their families to adjust and live with their condition in a healthy manner.

The social workers are also able to provide information regarding financial, community resources and insurance issues to those who might need assistance. They have private appointments where psychosocial therapy, emotional support and healthy coping mechanisms can be provided for the child and or parent who is having some difficulty adjusting. Numerous groups are held throughout the year focusing on varied age groups and their individual issues.

Insulin Pump Program

This is a formal comprehensive consistent process of moving a child or teen and their family from injection therapy to insulin pump therapy in a manner which is safe, supportive and lends itself to successful pumping. Six hours of pump education by a certified diabetes educator and certified pump trainer is performed and after pump start day that educator will contact the family daily in order to adjust dosages and answer questions. We also have 24 hour contact with our on call MD for immediate issues and assistance.

Taking Diabetes to College

This is an individualized program starting in junior year (11th grade) to prepare the teens with diabetes as well as their families on what to look for as far as their diabetes care when on the college search. The program then transitions them so that they are fully set up and successful for college, especially if they are moving away.

College bound things to remember
What to consider for college

Transition Program from Pediatrics to Adult

Our Pediatric Diabetes Program is committed to assisting our young adults in transitioning to Adult Endocrinology with as smooth a transition as possible. We work with the young adult so that they are prepared for the change and with their permission provide their Adult Endocrinologist with a comprehensive summary of their history and results.

The Jerry Vogel Pediatric Diabetes Outreach Program TAPs

TAPs is an online newsletter specifically designed for parents of toddlers and preschool age who have Diabetes. The newsletter explores relevant diabetes related topics and specific toddler challenges.

KIDS Program

Kids Interested in Diabetes is an ongoing support group for children between the ages of 6-12 with Diabetes. This support group held monthly between September through May provides education and emotional support utilizing ‘gaming’ activities and affective techniques in order to impart various relevant topics.

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits is an ongoing support group for parents of children and adolescents with Diabetes. This support group held monthly between September through May is designed to impart relevant current knowledge regarding various diabetes-related topics and emotional support utilizing various professional speakers from the local community.

Teen Event Night

A teen group held every other month and designed as an educational and support group for teens. Held at a different venue every other month where dinner is held, various activities are performed and educational topics presented. This group is the only support group offered only to teens in our practice.