Pediatric Infectious Diseases

General-pic-examine-roomThe Pediatric Infectious Diseases physicians at Winthrop provide services for a wide spectrum of infectious diseases. We receive referrals when a child’s pediatrician or caregiver needs assistance with management of these infections. We assist with interpretation of test results and the use of antimicrobials. In addition, we provide comprehensive care for children with immune deficiencies.


At Winthrop Pediatric Associates we have been treating infants, children, and teenagers suffering from infections for over 20-years. Our board certified physicians have extensive experience in treating a broad range of infections. Some of the common conditions are as follows:

RSV, influenza (Flu) MRSA skin  infections
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Bone and Joint Infections
Infectious mononucleosis (Mono) Chronic infections
Lyme disease Recurrent infections
Diagnostic dilemmas Immune problems

Why consult Winthrop’s Pediatric Infectious Diseases?

  • Our specialists are accommodating and try to provide early appointments throughout the week as we understand the importance of timely diagnosis of an infection in a child
  • We dedicate enough time to the visit as we strongly believe that complete interview and physical examination are needed to arrive at the diagnosis and to address timely questions and concerns
  • We provide blood draw services in our clinic and communicate the results to the family within 24-48 business hours
  • We are a family travel center
  • We offer complete medical services for families adopting both domestically and internationally