Pediatric Nephrology

Center for Children’s Kidney and Bladder Disorders

The Center for Children’s Kidney and Bladder Disorders provides comprehensive care for patients suffering from disorders of the kidney and urinary tract. These range from transient and mild kidney disease to advanced kidney failure requiring short term or long term dialysis treatments or kidney transplantation.

Some of the specific conditions managed at the Center include leakage of protein or blood in urine, inflammation of the kidney (nephritis), lupus, high blood pressure, pre and post birth abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract, kidney stones,  slow growth rate, fluid and electrolyte imbalances like acidosis, bladder control problems and urinary tract infections.

The unique services available include point-of-care ultrasonography of the urinary tract and cutting edge treatment for kidney stones, bedwetting, overactive bladder, daytime urine leakage and recurrent urinary infections.

The pediatric nephrologist has practiced her art for 40 years and is nationally and internationally known for her expertise in managing bladder control problems. She takes the time to explain the problem and treatment in understandable language and is rewarded with unparalleled patient satisfaction and treatment results. She is a noted educator and researcher and has received a variety of awards for her educational scholarship and clinical acumen. She is listed among the Best Doctors in America; Cambridge Who’s Who Registry and has served in leadership positions in Kidney & Urology Foundation of America, American Academy of Pediatrics- Section of Nephrology and Nassau County Pediatric Society.