Pediatric Surgery

The pediatric surgical service started in January 2015 with approximately 450 procedures and consulted on approximately 1,000 children.  The service is led by Board Certified Pediatric Surgeons.

Winthrop’s expert pediatric surgeons perform a wide variety of advance surgical procedure, including neonatal surgery, endocrine surgery, oncologic surgery, abdominal and thoracic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and trauma surgery.  We provide quality care around- the-clock. We are committed to providing high quality, compassionate care for infants, children and adolescents. We have an active research program with ongoing projects and numerous publications in peer reviews.

Our team are experts in the following surgeries:

– Neonatal Surgery

– Endocrine Surgery

– Oncology Surgery

– Thoracic Surgery

– Pediatric General Surgery

– Permenarchal Gynecologic Surgery

– Trauma Surgery